Part 1 – Tutor report

I received my Tutor’s report on Part 1 work on 12 June and am pleased that in his opinion I have made a good overall start to Drawing 1. I have taken the highlights and critique he has provided and summarised them in the learning points below. He also provided me with helpful suggestions for further research and reading that will hopefully help me to build on this solid foundation.

Learning points

• Willingness to experiment and take a degree of risk in my drawing – keep going
• Finding more ways of making ‘gestures’ into my drawings
• Look for new ways of making drawings – new tools, mark making and drawing processes
• Think of drawing in terms of applying layers – having a ‘conversation’ with the work
• Build on the looseness and freedom of mark making into my tighter, more measured drawings – loosen up and be expressive!
• Build on my understanding of perspective, light and shadow and keep experimenting
• Become more aware of what a viewer might see/reflect upon in looking at a drawing
• Think more about, and apply, compositional skills – positioning of objects in a drawing, geometrical relationships between objects, viewpoint, cropping, etc.
• Do more thumbnail sketches to plan out my approach to a drawing
• Prepare more draft sketches prior to committing to a final piece, and even perhaps prepare 2-3 final pieces and select the ‘best’ one
• Keep researching contemporary artists making drawings

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
14 June 2015