Part 2 – Tutor report

I received my Tutor’s report on Part 2 work today (27 August) and am pleased that in his opinion I have continued to progress in my studies with Drawing 1. I have taken the highlights and critique he has provided and summarised them in the learning points below. He also provided me with more helpful suggestions for further research and reading that I will pursue in preparation for my next assignment – Part 3.

Learning points

• continue with an imaginative approach to my work
• build on my ‘vocabulary’ of marks and keep adding ways of making interesting marks
• explore merging the ‘real’ and the ‘unreal’ in my work – seen and imagined
• play with the tactile and optically stimulating nature of materials and media
• keep with the creativity in taking on interesting subjects and ways of representing them in a variety of media
• keep taking risks – aiming to develop a more ‘personal voice’ in the use of materials and media appropriate to illustrate my ideas
• experiment with staining the support in different ways prior to drawing
• develop a ‘conversation’ with the medium used – even to the extent of letting it lead the process of drawing
• push my personal boundary with more quick sketches/ studies and compare/contrast with the outputs from ‘slower drawings’
• use the looseness of my sketchbooks – try and introduce this approach to drawing into finished pieces – attempt to remain “… in the space of ‘exploring and risk-taking’ rather than ‘finishing and polishing’.”
• look to incorporate experiments with materials, processes and methods of mark making into exercises in the next assignments
• keep exploring multiple viewpoints and push layering and  ‘thickening’ of the drawing
• experiment with more textured grounds to scour and draw into

And probably most importantly

• let go even more and reflect on results to learn

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
27 August 2015