Part 3: Tutor report

I received my Tutor’s report for Part 3 work today (13 November) and it seems that in his opinion my progress continues in Drawing 1. However, I particularly note areas that I really need to address. As before, I have taken the highlights and critique he has provided and summarised them in the learning points below. He also provided me with more helpful suggestions for further research and reading that I will pursue in preparation for my next assignment – Part 4.

Learning points

Key points from this assignment:

  • Vary the tempo of my drawings – a) slower mark making to take in as much information as I can – eye like a scanner; and b) faster mark-making – darting/sprinting around the form of the subject while attempting to keep up with my hand – see ‘essence’ below.
  • Think about what else my drawings could contain/allude to other than mere recording of an object – think metaphors and consider ideas beyond the subject matter as well as hinting at ‘ways of looking’.
  • Try and see how I can better interact ‘what I depict’ and ‘how I depict it’.
  • Use narrative in my drawings – find ways of creating an underlying/more sophisticated form of narrative that is more subtle than overt.
  • Experiment more with ‘excavating’ through a series of surfaces in my drawings.
  • Try to compare and contrast my own work with what has been written about other artist’s work – what are my drawings ‘doing’.
  • Seek the ‘essence’ of the subject being drawn – see ‘tempo’ above.
  • Vary surfaces much more in my drawings, trying out a wider variety of thin and thick surfaces and drawing techniques – varying tooth/grain to match better with chosen drawing medium.
  • Need to demonstrate my idea of ‘creativity’ more forcefully – what is my ‘personal voice’? (i.e. my drawings are not just a record/documentation of what I see).
  • Keep exploring more expressive ways of working.

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
17 November 2015