Part 4: Tutor report

Part 4 Tutor Report summary

Here’s the big news – my tutor agrees with me that I find depicting the human figure accurately, with correct proportions, somewhat difficult. And so, I need to work on measuring proportions, angles and tones, and in particular make much more use of the ‘sight/size’ method of pencil and thumb held at arms length for measuring what I see for transfer onto paper and also for editing what I have already drawn.

While one of my key strengths might be seen as working in a loose manner and playing around with a variety of materials and marks, going some way to meet the ‘Demonstration of creativity’ course criteria, I do need to improve my drawing from life and portrayal of space in a more accurate manner in order to meet the ‘Demonstration of technical and visual skills’ criteria.

Erasure and correction seems to be the direction here rather than my habit of continually adding to a drawing. This, I feel, will be a habit hard to break at this late stage in Drawing 1, but I’ll give it a go.

In order to try and correct this errant drawing behavior on my part I guess I will need to redo at least some of the Part 4 drawings with all this in mind prior to embarking on my final assignment in Part 5.

The last comment for me to take into Part 5 is that while my reflective writing is good, it’s not quite good enough in terms of the ‘Context’ assessment criteria. What are my drawings saying to a viewer? My tutor suggests that I do this by describing my drawings in about 50 words. Turn those 50 words into 5-6 clear sentences that describe what I am doing. Then interpret my work by comparing and contrasting it to other artists (both historical and contemporary) exploring similar subjects and themes (landscape, memory, atmosphere, etc). What has been written about these other artist’s works and see what connections, if any, I find in my own work. And, finally, explain what I have learnt as a result.

This framework for writing will apparently help me to edit out what is not important to my work anymore and concentrate on what is, together with providing an historical, contemporary and theoretical context for my work.

My tutor has again provided me with further reading, resources and artists to explore going into Part 5.

All in all, the gauntlet is truly down for Part 5!

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
25 January 2016