Part 5: Tutor report

In the review of my tutor’s feedback for Assignment 4, I said that “all in all, the gauntlet is truly down for Part 5!”

How true this turned out to be. Having had the original idea to explore my journey through Drawing 1 in this final piece for Assignment 5, I soon became consumed by the process itself – of transferring my idea to reality – and ended with a piece of work laying out chronologically my journey through the course from warm-up/Part 1 through to Part 4. As my tutor has observed: “a timeline of sorts, from left to right”.

My tutor’s recommendation is for me to review this final piece. While his view is that “it is well on its way towards being a strong piece”, I should nonetheless consider playing “…to its strengths … the little pockets of detailed information, from previous sketches that float in this colourful background … break up the chronological aspect – allow the viewer to float through different time periods, mixing intense areas of detail, areas of flat colour, areas of deep perspective…”

So, my task now is to reflect on this, be prepared to take big risks with what I thought was a finished piece of work, and rework it aiming for a final Assignment piece that displays more of a “non-chronological/imaginative wandering of a curious mind”.

I have prepared a short video that explains this, partly because I cannot send both the original work and the reworked piece for comparison, as they are one and the same.

The video can be found here:

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
4 May 2016