Part 2: Project 3: Exercise 2 – Detail and simple line


Select a natural object with interesting detail and, using a black fibre-tipped pen or a similarly ‘non-expressive’ tool (i.e. where the line does not change in width easily) create a simple line drawing on a sheet of A4 paper. Take the time and effort to really look at the patterning, thickness of line, texture and shape before drawing, as well as considering how best to fit the form into the rectangular sheet of paper. Composition will help you create an interesting image. Position the subject so that the rectangle is worked effectively. Don’t leave a huge expanse of empty space around it. Where necessary, add a few marks and lines to position it within a believable environment.

Concentrate on the object and, as far as possible, do a continuous line drawing. Try not to lift your pen from the paper – this exercise is meant to make you aware of your ability to make a simple line flow across the space of the paper, creating the impression of three dimensions.

Part 2 Project 3 Exercise 2 course note image
OCA student, Vivien Kay Wood


Three coconut ice cream shells (the ice cream was fab) and they were natural shells. The shell at the front-left almost looked like a hedgehog-type shape with eyes tilted up towards the empty shells, one sitting within the other. – is this my future? I used a fibre-tip pen as suggested which did present a fairly consistent width of line. Where differences appear these are due to lighter or heavier touch of the pen to paper as well as hatching effects, but basically the line width remains the same. A nice pen to work with, and cheap from ‘United Office’ (for kids!). I did do my best to flow the line across the paper, although I admit it was lifted briefly to move to other parts of the composition as I tried to deal with the whole arrangement as one, rather than separate parts. The shadows could maybe have been more delicately worked, but I am pleased with the way the shells turned out and think they sit realistically in their space.

Part 2 Project 3 Exercise 2 - Detail and simple line
Part 2 Project 3 Exercise 2 – Detail and simple line

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
13 July 2015