Part 2: Project 6: Exercise 4 – Line and wash


This exercise will encourage you to convey mood and feeling by making rapid statements.

Select a range of media including pen, soft pencil, oriental brush pen, charcoal and oily pastels. Work on any scale but be aware that small paper will limit your gestures. Warm up by drawing continuous line in different media without looking at the page. Try to maintain a loose approach and keep working until you feel confident that you understand the different qualities of each medium.

Work on creating interesting tones by using just one or two colours mixed as a wash (watercolour is best for this). If you’re using inks just use one colour as it is easy to pollute a whole bottle if colours get mixed. You could use Indian ink for the darkest areas for dramatic effect.

For the lightest tone, you could try a wax resist technique using a light coloured oil pastel or wax crayon overlaid by a darker wash. This technique is most effective when used sparingly.

Experiment and enjoy the freedom of drawing loosely with wet and dry media.


Part 2 Project 6 Exercise 4 - Line and wash 1
Part 2 Project 6 Exercise 4 – Line and wash 1

From top to bottom:
Ballpoint pen
9B pencil (side)
9B pencil (tip)
Broad nib pen and indian ink
Size 12 Round brush and indian ink
Charcoal stick
Conté stick
Charcoal round (on side)
Oil pastel
Soft pastel

Varying thickness and darkness of line from the different media. I particularly like the boldness of the ink and the soft pastel strokes and also find the charcoal round on its side drawn across the paper and the oil pastel can add some interesting texture to the marks they make.

Part 2 Project 6 Exercise 4 - Line and wash 2
Part 2 Project 6 Exercise 4 – Line and wash 2

Red, blue, orange and green water colour washes in three tones – the red being the most successfully executed. The dark washes of the blue, orange and green probably need another wash of their respective colours to provide darker tones.

I found that using a brush and indian ink achieved more distinct results and you can easily see the tonal differences of these washes – raw ink for dark and thinned progressively with water through to light.

Stuart Brownlee – 512319
14 August 2015